When I Have Nothing Left to Give

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I can sincerely say that I have never been so tired. I really have never been so worn out and in need of “hood time.” (Hood time is when I need introverted block-out-the-world where-is-my-hoodie put-up-my-hood time.) It would be too easy to blame my exhaustion/pre-burnout burnout on the job, something outside of myself. I know that my tendency is to say “I just work too hard.” (After all that sounds… Continue reading

I’m Just Being Me


I’ve been talking with Chris about our site recently. (You may have noticed the recent redesign of the site – a byproduct of these discussions.) For many reasons I’ve been stressin about the title of our blog “gospeling.” One reason is that I feel like every time I post I have to say something profound about about “the art of applying the Gospel to my life.” I don’t know why… Continue reading

Wilson on the Gospel’s Application Today

Jarred C. Wilson on the gospel:

We like that our gospel gets our sins forgiven and gives us a ticket to heaven, but we’re not sure of its functionality in our lives every day. Many of us don’t think of the gospel as applying to marriage or parenting or friendships or even to more explicitly theological subjects the way other categories of information and skill-sets do. We’re content to keep the gospel at an elementary level, assuming that we graduate from it, and the sad result of this neglect is that we thereby deny the “grace upon grace” in the fullness of Jesus….”The further into the gospel we go, then, the bigger it gets. There is no way for us to wear it out.” - Wilson, Jared C. (2012-09-20). Gospel Deeps (p. 20). Good News Publishers. Kindle Edition.


Romania '13 - 00164

Christ is Better One thing you will hopefully hear again and again on this blog is that Christ is better than XYandZ. Essentially this is what we mean when we talk about gospeling. Christ is better than getting everyone to listen to us speak. Christ is better than having a “perfect” Christmas. Christ is better than a compliment about my haircut. Christ is better than writing something profound. And our… Continue reading

Enjoying God as our Prime Directive


Christians have a tendency to place duty over delight. So in the “hierarchy” of what is important, delight always loses out. We, in our strivings, focus on the things to do to the neglect of actual pleasure, of true worship, of persistent rejoicing. I sincerely believe that Christians struggle with enjoying God. Sure,  we want to glorify Him but if we’re honest, we have trouble enjoying Him. We see this strewn… Continue reading

Grace for the Balcony


I love my job. I mean I have one of the greatest privileges I have yet to know, to perpetually irritate students at Judson University. It really is a blast. I get to ask students questions, contend for the gospel, advocate for students, take part in changing culture, dream, and try new things. I get to fail. All in front of students. One of the greatest privileges I have is… Continue reading

When Burritos Make All The Difference


If you’ve seen me, it is clear that I don’t have a regular habit of hitting the weights. Like, you won’t see me trying to curl or bench press. I will never have the aspirations of being an A&F model (mostly because I can’t stand the cologne). Nevertheless, I am clearly not a gym-fanatic. I am a skinny, buck fifty, scrawny white guy. “Getting my beach bod on” is never on… Continue reading